Frequently Asked Questions

If you require specific information of a technical nature about a Certificate of Conformity, you can contact the CodeMark Australia Certification Body as listed on the CodeMark Certificate of Conformity.

Contact details for CodeMark Certification Bodies are included on the CodeMark Certificate of Conformity and are also available through the JAS-ANZ website.

If you have a complaint relating to a certification decision, a decision relating to the use of the Mark of Conformity or claims on a Certificate of Conformity, or a decision made by the Scheme Administrator, there are procedures in place to have your complaint considered.

For more information on procedures for resolving complaints see Section 6 of the CodeMark Australia Scheme rules.

A Certificate of Conformity is one of several options available for meeting the ‘Evidence of Suitability’ requirements of the BCA.

However, unlike other ‘Evidence of Suitability’ options, Certificates of Conformity receive mandatory acceptance under State and Territory building control legislation. This requires building control authorities to accept CodeMark Certificates of Conformity as evidence of compliance with the claimed provisions of the BCA, as long as the product is used as specified on the certificate.

A list of all current CodeMark Certificates of Conformity can be found on the JAS-ANZ website. The list is searchable by product name or certificate number.

New products are gaining CodeMark certification every day and in some instances there may be a short delay from the product gaining certification to the time that the Certificate of Conformity appears on the register of Certificates of Conformity.

If you are in doubt of the authenticity of a CodeMark Australia Certificate of Conformity that does not appear on the register, contact the Scheme Administrator.

WaterMark certification of a product will be issued for a maximum of 5 years.