Frequently Asked Questions

NCBP is an acronym for “non-conforming building product”. A non-conforming building product or material claims to be something it is not and is marketed or supplied with the intent to deceive those intending to use it.

Please refer to NCBP for further information.

Yes. Products certified under the old Scheme will retain their certification at the commencement of the improved Scheme on 1 August 2017 until issued certification expires.

Yes. A list of commercial outlets selling the hardcopy NCC is detailed in the NCC section of this website under Commercial Providers.

No. The ABCB will no longer be printing hard copies of the NCC. The NCC is available free from the NCC Suite for anyone who wishes to access NCC Online or the downloadable PDF.

No. As of NCC 2015, the ABCB will no longer produce hard copy versions. Instead, users have the option of printing the complete NCC set or individual volumes from PDF files in A4 format. Printing has also been enabled within the online service. Alternatively, individuals can arrange for a copy to be printed through their local print/copy shop for personal use, utilising the downloadable PDF.

Individuals can register for access to the free digital NCC by selecting the register button at the top of this webpage. Registrations are for individuals only; there will be no shared access for organisations. Each registration will have its own unique login details based upon a user's email address, which requires verification before access is granted.