New energy efficiency video!

Friday, 30 June 2017 Image of presenters at breifing

A video of the ABCB’s presentation at the Property Council of Australia’s briefings on energy efficiency is now available.

On 31 May, ABCB Director Mark Davis and Energy Action’s Dr Paul Bannister presented in Sydney and Melbourne at the briefings. Potential changes to the energy efficiency provisions to Volume One of the NCC 2019 were presented. Discussion of proposed changes for NCC 2019, including possible glazing, air-conditioning and lighting changes were covered.

The ABCB, in consultation with government and industry stakeholders has been undertaking a significant suite of work relating to the advancement of the energy efficiency provisions in the NCC for commercial building classifications. These changes will be considered as part of the NCC 2019 update.

This work stems from the ABCB’s response to Measure 31 of the Council of Australian Governments’ National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP). Energy Action have been engaged by the ABCB to investigate and provide recommendations on:

  • Improving the reference building Verification Method (JV3);
  • Introducing NABERS and Green Star as new Verification Methods;
  • Strengthening the existing Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions; and
  • Providing better guidance for compliance.

The next steps for the ABCB include turning these Energy Action proposals into readable NCC text, and furthermore carrying out a regulatory impact analysis and public consultation in February 2019.

The ambitious nature of these proposed changes will see a challenging but exciting time for the ABCB, as we work towards implementing these new provisions.

Watch the video today.