WMTS-012 In-line valves for use in plumbing water supply systems: Miscellaneous types metallic and non-metallic

Draft Specification

The draft amendments to this existing Specification include the following proposed changes:

  1. Amendments to the Materials section to include provision for the use of ‘bright stainless steel hard drawn wire Grade 301, or higher where used for springs’.
  2. Clauses within the Materials section, in particular the Stainless Steel clause to align more closely with current plumbing practices found within referenced Standards.
  3. Minor editorial drafting style changes.

The public comment period for this specification closes on Friday, 6 April 2018. All comments must be submitted to watermark@abcb.gov.au using public comment response sheet provided.

Cover image: WMTS 012 In-line valves for use in plumbing water supply systems

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