NCC 2016, Consolidated Performance Requirements

The NCC is a performance based code, consisting of Performance Requirements that specify the minimum level of performance for buildings, plumbing and drainage installations. The Performance Requirements and supporting General Requirements are the mandatory requirements of the code.

The NCC 2016 Consolidated Performance Requirements (Consolidated Requirements) has been developed to highlight the mandatory requirements of the NCC, foster a greater understanding of the NCC as a performance based code and facilitate the increased use of performance based solutions. Whilst not forming part of the NCC, it is intended to provide a compilation of all NCC Performance Requirements and the supporting General Requirements in a single document. It is guidance in nature. 

The Consolidated Requirements consists of:

  • General Requirements consolidated from NCC 2016 Volumes One, Two and Three;
  • Performance Requirements extracted from NCC 2016 Volumes One, Two and Three; and 
  • State and Territory Additions and Variations relevant to the General Requirements and the Performance Requirements extracted from NCC 2016 Volumes One, Two and Three.

It has been styled based on a combination of all three Volumes of the NCC. Hence, numbering of similar sections in the Consolidated Requirements may be different to that of NCC 2016. The heading titles may be used to assist in finding the comparable headings in NCC 2016.


  1. Explanatory information has been deleted from this document. Refer to the NCC or the Guide to Volume One for further guidance.
  2. The use of this document relies on cross references to the NCC to provide the full context and should not be solely relied upon.
NCC 2016 Performance REquirements cover image

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