Proposal to Change the NCC

The Proposal for Change (PFC) process is used by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) to consider technical proposals to change the National Construction Code Series (NCC). Proposals may relate to the Building Code of Australia (Volumes One and Two), or the Plumbing Code of Australia (Volume Three). The process is consistent with the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) regulatory principles to ensure appropriate rigour is used in the assessment of proposals.


The Proposal

Proponents of change are required to provide justification to support their proposal. This justification should be proportionate to the size of the proposed change or its potential impacts.

This justification includes:

  • a description of the proposal;
  • an explanation of the problem it is designed to resolve;
  • evidence of the existence of the problem;
  • how the proposal is expected to solve the problem;
  • what alternative to regulation have been considered, and why they are not preferred;
  • who will be affected and how they will be affected; and
  • any consultation that has taken place.


Consideration of PFCs

Information submitted will not be released unless required by law, but may be made available to members of the Australian Building Codes Board and its Committees if required. Information collected may be subject to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Proposals affecting NCC Volumes One and Two are considered by the Building Codes Committee (BCC), proposals affecting NCC Volume Three are considered by the Plumbing Code Committee (PCC) at their next scheduled meeting. The role of the technical committees, which consist of representatives of all levels of government as well as industry, is to provide advice, guidance, and make recommendations relating to technical matters relevant to the NCC.

If the proposal is considered to have merit, the technical committees may recommend that changes be included in the next public comment draft of the relevant volume of the NCC. For this to occur, the proposal must be submitted by 1 February in order to allow sufficient time for proposals to be considered prior to the release of the public comment draft mid-year. Proposals received after this date will be considered for inclusion in the public comment draft issued the following year, i.e. the change will not be considered for the next edition of the NCC.


Submitting a PFC

PFCs should be developed using the PFC Template (below) in Microsoft Word format. Completed proposals can be submitted using the PFC Upload Form.

Further guidance information to assist in preparation of a PFC is contained in the Guideline to Preparing a PFC document (below).

Proposal For Change Template
Published: 15 July 2014
Guideline to Preparing a Proposal for Change (PFC)
Published: 08 November 2013

Updated: 06 August 2014