Awareness Resource Kits

The ABCB has a range of training modules (Resource Kits) which are designed to increase awareness of NCC provisions within the Australian building and construction sector.  The Resource Kits are intended to provide current and consistent information on the NCC and have been designed to assist those who are in a training profession such as teachers or lecturers. A major component of the Awareness Resource Kits is an extensive PowerPoint presentation including lecture notes and comprehensive information on Performance Requirements and Alternative Solutions.  Also featured are FAQs, Group Exercises and Case Studies, which can all be work-shopped as a group.

All modules are available in PDF format. Click here for more information. 

The modules are also available on CD Rom once you read and agree to our 'Principles of Use'. Click here for more information. 


NCC Educational Awareness Resource Kits

 Image of suite of Resource Kit CD's

Updated: 21 May 2015