ABCB Webcasts

As part of ABCB’s training and awareness raising activities, the Australian Building Codes Board has produced a series of webcasts to ensure as many building practitioners and stakeholders as possible are kept informed of developments with the National Construction Code (NCC). 

Webcast of 2014 National Construction Code Information Seminars

The 2014 National Construction Code (NCC) Information Seminars is available for viewing by visiting

The webcast consists of separate segments which provide an opportunity for practitioners to hear about the most recently amended NCC and how it will affect their work. The Building segment addresses the 2014 amendments to both Volume One and Volume Two of the Building Code of Australia. The second segment is an update by Standards Australia on changes to Australian Standards referenced in the NCC, while the Plumbing segment covers the amendments to Volume Three, the Plumbing Code of Australia.

Additional segments are also available on the Increased Use of Performance. These are presented by the ABCB, the Australian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council and the Society for Fire Safety, Engineers Australia.

Webcast of 2010 Premises Standards Seminars

Throughout August and September 2010, the Australian Human Rights Commission and the ABCB delivered awareness raising seminars on the Premises Standards in all capital cities.

The Premises Standards webcast can be downloaded on demand here. (This link will take you to our file sharing page. To login, please enter the username '' followed by the password 'ABCB-2012'). Please note that due to the size of the file this may take some time to download.

Alternatively, you can request a copy on CD-RoM by emailing 

Updated: 04 November 2014