Frequently Asked Questions

In Part 3.7 of Volume Two of the NCC it outlines the requirements for fire safety. It details the prescriptive requirements for fire separation, smoke alarms, heating appliances, bushfire and alpine areas. Further information can be found in the NCC Volume Two Fire Safety Resource Kit.

The ABCB has developed a guidance document titled ‘Development of a Performance Solution’ and a YouTube clip titled ‘NCC: Developing a Performance Solution’ which outlines the process, both of which can be found in the Resource Library.

Compliance can be achieved through a Performance Solution and/or a Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) Solution. Watch the ‘NCC: meeting the performance requirements’ YouTube video to learn more.

WaterMark certification of a product can be issued for a maximum term of 5 years.

The NCC Performance Requirements can be found:

  • at the start of each Section in NCC Volume One
  • in Section 2 for NCC Volume Two
  • at the start of each Part in NCC Volume Three.

The classification of buildings and structures can be found in Part A6 in the Governing Requirements of the NCC.