Completed studies

The ABCB is committed to enhancing the availability and dissemination of information relevant to the built environment and believes in the merit of student research and its potential to deliver outcomes that can be of significance to the development of effective regulatory systems.

Access to completed Student Research Scholarship reports are provided as a service to, and for the information of, industry. Although included on the ABCB website, the views expressed in these reports are those of the authors only and should not be construed in any way as having been endorsed, or as representing the views of the ABCB.

Selected research projects completed as part of the Student Research Scholarship Program are:

Building energy optimisation using machine learning and metaheuristic algorithms
Keivan Bamdad Masouleh
Queensland University of Technology, 2018

Does the Australian Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme ensure heat resistance?
Gertrud Hatvani-Kovacs, Dr Martin Belusko, Dr John Pockett and Professor John Boland
University of South Australia, 2016

Re-evaluation of the seismic vulnerability of typical reinforced concrete shear wall buildings in Australia
Ryan Hoult
University of Melbourne, 2014

Will the Clean Energy Act 2011 ('Carbon Tax') impact the commercial construction industry?
Conal Magee, Dennis L. Moschoyiannis, Josh Kennedy and Josh Shortis
RMIT University, 2012

Value of fire hose reels in residential buildings
Mathew Freeman
University of Western Sydney, 2010

Acoustics impact noise comparatives of floor-ceiling systems
Silvana Wirepa
The University of Newcastle, 2007

Distortional buckling behaviour of cold-formed steel compression members at elevated temperatures
Thanuja Ranawaka
Queensland University of Technology, 2006

Fatigue damage to metal battens subjected to simulated wind loads
Rebecca Fowler
James Cook University, 2003

Impact test criteria for flying debris in windstorms
Kerry Adams
James Cook University, 2001