The Office

Diagram of ABCB senior executive staff structure

The ABCB Office resides within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science located in Canberra. Its primary role is to implement the Board's decisions in accordance with the Inter-Government Agreement. The ABCB Office is a professional, technical and administrative team that provides support to the Board and its ongoing work program.


The ABCB is responsible for:

However, the ABCB is not responsible for:

  • rulings, interpretations or classifications, advice or dispute resolutions on specific construction projects or regarding State or territory variations;
  • occupational health and safety guidelines and legislation;
  • workmanship control, quality, durability of materials or other building-related aspects not specifically required by the NCC;
  • regulation concerning demolition, site-related industrial matters and asbestos removal;
  • administrative documents such as contracts, permits, compliance inspections and reports, stop-work notices and certificates;
  • licensing and auditing of building and plumbing practitioners;
  • regulatory offences and penalties and appeal processes; and
  • planning issues such as subdivision allotment orientation, minimum set-backs and fence heights.


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