Energy Efficiency Initiative - time to grow up!

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Its time for the 'baby' of the Code to grow up!

Many think of the energy efficiency requirements as the ‘baby’ of the Code. Given they are a bit over a decade old, it’s time for the ‘baby’ to grow up. The Energy Efficiency Initiative plans to substantially improve NCC 2019. Check out what's going on!

Key points

  • Commercial buildings: Cost-effective increases to minimum requirements and other improvements to promote greater compliance and reduce red-tape are being considered.
  • Residential buildings: No change to the minimum requirements but significant changes to other compliance options and how they are communicated are being considered.

Sneak peak of NCC 2019

From the Performance Requirements to the compliance options- it is all being considered as part of this major ABCB initiative. It includes:

  • Quantified Performance Requirements,
  • Blower door testing;
  • Building commissioning;
  • Improved thermal break requirements;
  • The role of on-site renewable energy;
  • Existing voluntary rating tools; and
  • Much more.

This will be supported with a substantial package of education and guidance material released in the lead up to NCC 2019.

For those who want all the details, see the NCC 2019 Energy Efficiency Provisions at a glance infographic.

Who is helping us

Over a dozen of Australia’s leading industry associations are directly engaged in this initiative.

The Australian Institute of Architects, the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council, the Property Council of Australia and the Housing Industry Association are just some of the organisations that are kindly providing input into the technical aspects of the work.

More details on timeframes and working group participants are in the NCC 2019 Energy Efficiency Provisions development process infographic.

Have your say

Keep up-to-date with the Energy Efficiency Initiative through our social media platforms or Latest Updates.

You can have your say on all proposed changes during the NCC public comment period in early 2018. We look forward to your input.

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