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Our new material gives you the know-how you need on building classifications, roof gutters, and energy efficiency for building services – and that’s just the beginning!

In a world where we are all time-poor, getting the information we need at the click of a button is increasingly important. The NCC contains a lot of information. So how do you find out what you need to know? Enter the new series 'Understanding the NCC'. Covering a range of new topics, this material is ideal for busy individuals including the trades, building and plumbing professions and students. Read on for some insight into the current topics in the series.

  • Understanding the NCC… Energy Efficiency for Building Services: a general representation of the energy efficiency Deemed-to-Satisfy (DtS) Provisions in the NCC and their relationship to service installations in buildings. Based on a national perspective, this information is useful for electricians, plumbers and other onsite trades.
  • Understanding the NCC… Building Classifications: the NCC groups buildings by their function and use, assigning each group a ‘classification’. It contains information on individual classifications, mixed use buildings, and everything in between.
  • Understanding the NCC… Gutter and Downpipe Provisions for Housing: contains information on the DtS Acceptable Construction Practice provisions for the selection and installation of gutters and downpipes for housing.



Download the Understanding the NCC series from the Resource Library.

Coming soon…

Coming soon in the Understanding the NCC series will be farm buildings and NCC General Provisions (Section A/Part 1 in the NCC).

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