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It’s that time of the year to reflect on what’s been going on and start thinking about the new year. What better way to head into 2019 than understanding the basics of the Plumbing Code of Australia, the PCA? Here’s our most commonly asked questions (with answers!) to help you out.

What is the PCA?

The PCA contains the technical requirements for the design and construction of plumbing and drainage systems. It also determines how and where the requirements of referenced documents, such as the AS/NZS 3500 series must be used and applied. It’s also known as Volume Three of the NCC

What is the connection between the PCA and the NCC?

Each State and Territory references the NCC through their Plumbing Acts and Regulations as the technical requirements that must be complied with, which includes the PCA.

Is the PCA relevant to me?

The PCA applies to design and construction of plumbing and drainage systems in new and existing buildings, whenever plumbing work is carried out, as well as sites where water services are constructed independent of buildings. The PCA contains requirements for water services such as cold, non-drinking and heated water as well as sanitary plumbing and drainage systems. So, if you’re working in the plumbing or construction industries you need the PCA.

How can I better understand the PCA?

The ABCB has a range of resources available to increase your knowledge of the PCA. Check out the Resource library for details.

How do I develop a Performance Solution for plumbing?

The ABCB has produced guidance material to assist in the development of Performance Solutions such as, the Development of a Performance Solution document which outlines a process to assist practitioners with the development and approval of Performance Solutions as well as the video clip NCC: Developing a Performance Solution. Examples of types of plumbing Performance Solutions are also available from the resource library

How do I use the PCA online?

An instructional video on how to navigate the NCC online can help you out!

How do I propose a change to the PCA?

The proposal for change (PFC) process is used by the ABCB to consider technical proposals to change the NCC. Proponents of change are required to provide justification to support their proposal. The PFC Guideline assists in developing a proposal to change the NCC.

What are State and Territory variations?

State and Territory PCA Appendices contain variations and additions to the PCA, necessary for the effective application of the PCA in the relevant State & Territory.

Big changes coming soon… an updated PCA

Changes to the PCA that will have effect from 1 May 2019 are nearing completion. If you’re a registered user, keep an eye out for the email alert in early 2019 or check the ABCB website.

How do I access the PCA?

Register online to get free access. When you register, don’t forget to opt in to receive emails from the ABCB. It’s the best way to stay up-to-date with our plumbing news.

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