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2020 Cadetship Program

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Applications are now open for the 2020 Cadetship Program. If you’ve recently graduated you could be our next Cadet!

We’re looking for someone with building or plumbing related qualifications, or practical construction industry experience. Don’t leave it to the last minute, apply now or the 2020 Cadetship Program.

Hear from the current Cadets and what the program has to offer…


Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying, Victoria

I am absolutely enjoying living and working in Canberra. The city has much more to offer than I had thought (being from Melbourne) and has far exceeded my expectations. The city has several beautiful sites to visit, friendly people and the quality of coffee and brunch scene does not fall short of Melbourne.

I have the opportunity to work with different teams within the ABCB and have been provided with a range of project-based tasks. My work load is manageable and is catered to my skillset and knowledge.

Working at the ABCB has exposed me to several career pathways which I never even heard of. The ABCB has provided me with great insight into the Australian and International building and construction industry.

I have had an amazing time so far in the nation’s capital and appreciative of the opportunities provided by the ABCB 2019 Cadetship Program.


Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural), Victoria

I am four months into my cadetship with the ABCB and each day I am building on my understanding of the NCC, the building regulatory framework and even gaining exposure to the plumbing industry. I have been involved in a variety of projects including assessing proposals for change, attending industry seminars, answering technical enquiries and developing guidance material for NCC 2019.

Not only am I thoroughly enjoying my time as a cadet, I am also enjoying getting to know Canberra! Relocating from Victoria, I was lucky enough to arrive during the launch of the city’s first light rail – which has made getting around town and to work a breeze (especially without a car!). Everything is close regardless of whether or not you live right in the city center with plenty of restaurants, shops and cafes to pick from.

I highly recommend applying for the Cadetship – even if you live interstate. There are lots of ways to find accommodation and transport is cheap, allowing me to save some money for flights back home regularly!

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