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Say hello to our new website and brand...

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As part of developing a more user-friendly online NCC, the ABCB took the opportunity to hit the refresh button on its entire suite of digital products, to reflect the more future-focused and contemporary organisation it is today.

New website

In early 2020, the ABCB engaged stakeholders via an online survey to find out what they need in terms of on online NCC and ABCB website. Based on the survey responses, a new ABCB corporate website and 3 ‘microsites’ have been developed for the NCC, WaterMark and CodeMark, to deliver a tailored and more engaging experience.

The websites will be launched in July with a new look and feel, and also come with greatly improved functionality such as enhanced search ability and a new resource library, as well as a reorganised information architecture to help stakeholders find what they need quickly and easily. The new sites will even be broken down into separate areas for practitioners and consumers.

And most importantly, the NCC microsite will make your experience using the online code much more user-friendly, with a ‘mobile-first’ design to better reflect the needs of users.

One of the new features NCC Online will have is a vastly improved search functionality – with the power of Google’s algorithms to ensure you can find what you need quickly and accurately. Over the next 12 months the ABCB will be releasing new and exciting features to NCC Online. The next big change will be the upcoming content filtering options, so construction and plumbing practitioners can filter the NCC clauses based on the building project they’re working on. The advantages to the new online NCC are many, and are more comprehensively detailed on our Improved NCC Useability initiatives page.

New brand

Along with the new website, the ABCB took the opportunity to review its corporate identity and developed a refreshed, more contemporary brand that provides a clear visual link between the ABCB corporate brand and sub-brands – the NCC, WaterMark and CodeMark. This includes updates to the suite of logos* along with a new visual identity, which pulls the ABCB corporate and sub-brands together into a unified and modern corporate brand.

ABCB, NCC, WaterMark and CodeMark icons 

Farewell Connect

The launch of the new website and brand also means saying farewell to ABCB Connect… and hello to a new monthly newsletter.

This means the May 2021 edition of ABCB Connect will be the last of its kind, and you can expect to receive a new monthly newsletter at the start of August. The newsletter will be a combination of curated and created content including current industry news, information on the latest ABCB public consultations, upcoming industry events, and the like.

If you’ve already opted-in to receive ABCB Connect as part of your NCC online profile, you don’t need to update anything. You will automatically be transferred over to the new newsletter subscription list and we’ll communicate with you once the new website and brand has launched.

Have a colleague or friend that would like to receive the newsletter? They can sign up here

What to expect in July

Here’s what you can expect to see rolled out from 5 July:

  • New ABCB corporate website and microsites for the NCC, WaterMark and CodeMark
  • Refreshed brand including logos, and
  • The new ABCB monthly newsletter.

Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

* Information regarding the application of the new branding relating to WaterMark was provided to WaterMark Conformity Assessment Bodies earlier this month. If you are an assessment body and did not receive this information or have a question, please contact us.

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