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Improving the NCC online experience

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You may have noticed some changes to the NCC login button recently. This is due to a major overhaul of NCC Online, which was released in March and forms part of the ABCB’s wider NCC useability improvements.

Digitisation is a major component of this work and includes improved accessibility and functionality of the NCC for various digital platforms such as PC, tablets and smart phones. This work is being complemented by other initiatives to improve NCC understanding and use such as enhanced educational and guidance material and improved readability of content, including language, structure and format.

Following is an overview of the new NCC Online.

Logging In

The entry point for logging in or registering to the new site looks slightly different but is still located via the yellow icon at the right hand top corner of the ABCB homepage. After logging in, the new online can be accessed via the NCC Suite menu where the user will be taken to the list of NCC Volumes and editions. Don't forget to update your bookmarked favourite with the new URL address.

If you are experiencing issues logging in or resetting your password and require assistance, contact us by completing the online form and select the “General” and “IT” options.

Improvements and new features

The new NCC Online makes it easier to access and navigate all Volumes. Key improvements include:

  • Improved useability through extensive use of pop-up windows to avoid navigating away from the user’s current location;
  • Improved visibility of Volume links;
  • Improved search functionality, incorporating suggestive terms and filtering of results;
  • Pre-set filtering of each Volume’s General and Performance Requirements from drop-down menus; and
  • The ability to store up to 10 bookmarks within the site using ‘Favourites’.

This is a screenshot or screen capture, of the NCC Online portal. Displaying Part B1 Structural provisions of NCC 2016 Volume One Amendment 1 

Want to know more?

We have developed a short (6 minute) YouTube clip to run you through the key changes and features of the new NCC Online.

Further improvements are underway…

This is the first instalment of the ABCB’s digitisation project, with further improvements scheduled to commence shortly. Keep an eye out in Connect for updates.

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