Education and Resources

The ABCB develops education material to assist users in understanding and applying the NCC. New handbooks, training materials, tools and calculators are always being developed and this is the best place to find out what's going on.

Extend your understanding of the NCC with the application and assessment of Performance Solutions.
Clarification is provided about non-combustible attachments to the internal lining of an external wall.
The rebranded NCC Tutor, an ABCB educational resource, will be freely available from mid-June 2020.
Find out how ABCB resources can help you to adapt to new technologies.
The ABCB has started to develop nine, short, targeted online CPD courses on the NCC.
We're talking technical at the 2020 NCC Seminars!
Take a look at our newest calculator!
Learn more about ABCB's single source consultation platform.