Plumbing and drainage

The NCC, Volume Three, also known as the PCA, contains the technical requirements for the design and construction of plumbing and drainage systems in new and existing buildings.

The PCA is developed through a rigorous process of consultation, industry forums, proposals for change and ABCB commissioned research.

Plumbing Code Research

A number of PCA Research and Development Projects have recently been completed or are underway. These projects provide valuable information and input into the development of the PCA.

Read more on the PCA, backflow prevention, lead in plumbing products, water services, sanitary plumbing and drainage and rainwater tabs below.

Additional plumbing resources are available on the Resources library, or on the links below. If you want to keep up to date with current information, make sure you have opted in to our communications for ABCB Connect.

NCC 2019: Plumbing Code of Australia update

Provides a presentation on the changes for the 2019 edition of Volume Three of the NCC. Read More

NCC: Developing Performance Solutions

An overview of our guide to developing Performance based design solutions. Read More

Backflow Prevention

The outcome of the Plumbing Code Development Research Project into backflow prevention.

Read More

Lead in Plumbing Products and Materials

Literature review of known causes that contribute to brass fittings leaching lead into drinking water. Read More

Warm Water Systems Research Report

Contains a range of information drawn from existing material on warm water systems, including regulatory requirements, State and Territory based advisory information and NCC provisions relevant to these areas. Read More

Fixture Unit Rating Systems Discussion Paper

Provides information regarding current plumbing design principles utilising fixture unit ratings, systems used overseas, the history of the fixture unit and identifying areas where improvement could be made. Read More

Rainwater harvesting and use

Presents the outcome of the Plumbing Code Development Research Project into rainwater harvesting and use.

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Plumbing Code of Australia Resources

Provides an overview of NCC Volume Three, the PCA, and related products and materials. Read More

Ensuring the safety of your building water system post COVID-19 restrictions

Provides guidance on what should be considered prior re-occupying a building post COVID-19 restrictions. Read More

Cross-connection control

Provides details of cross-connection control for NCC Volume Three. Read More

Sanitary plumbing drainage and pipe sizing

Investigates the suitability of using these plumbing and drainage pipe sizing methods. Read More

Pipe sizing verification method (draft) - Worked examples

Worked examples of a performance-based method of sizing cold and heated water pipework. Read More

Pump Systems Calculator

Assists with calculations required by the energy efficiency DTS Provisions for NCC 2019 Volume One. Read More

Gutters, Downpipes and Overflow Calculator

Assists practitioners with NCC Volume Two Part 3.5.3 Gutters, Downpipes and Overflow ACP provisions. Read More