NCC Tutor

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NCC Tutor is specifically for use by educators from Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions and universities.

This link has been shared with you on the basis that you are an educator for an RTO, TAFE or university, it is not publicly available on the ABCB website. We kindly ask that you only share this link with other RTO, TAFE and university educators.

The NCC Tutor modules have been tailored to suit the Construction, Plumbing and Services (CPC, CPC08) and Property Services (CPP, CPP07) training packages at Certificate IV and Diploma levels. The modules have been mapped to relevant units of competencies (UOCs) to better support educators’ need to test their students’ competencies against required knowledge and performance criteria in relevant UOCs.

Which NCC Tutor do I use?

A table providing guidance on what modules may be applicable to UOCs is available. The modules are ‘ready-made’ for educators to deliver in person or virtually. They include in-depth facilitator notes, in-class activities and assessment quizzes. The modules can assist educators to provide their students with additional in-class opportunities to review, discuss and apply their knowledge of the NCC.

A key difference between the new NCC Tutor and its earlier editions, is that each module has been structured into three key learning areas:

  • Understanding – These core modules explain fundamental concepts and understandings about the NCC that are essential to understanding the remaining modules.
  • Using – These are practical modules that take trainees through the process on how to use a particular Volume to locate, interpret and apply different requirements.
  • Example –These modules contain a detailed worked example of how to locate, interpret and apply the requirements of a Volume to at least one real-world building project.


Available modules