ABCB Volunteer Subject Matter Expert Network

ABCB Volunteer Subject Matter Expert Network for Performance-based Design

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) Network has been established to raise awareness, and support practitioners in the competent use of Performance Solutions. This forms part of the broader strategy for increasing the competent use of performance as part of the regulatory reform package agreed by the Building Ministers’ Forum in 2014.

The SME Network comprises of some of Australia’s leading practitioners, engineers and thought leaders. Established as a pilot initiative, the network aims to provide advice and support on best practice application of Performance Solutions, and highlight opportunities for applying performance-based design.

Sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise, the SME Network will respond to enquiries about the development and approval of Performance Solutions, and create and present information on performance-based design. Their collective skills predominantly cover energy efficiency, disability access and fire safety.

If you have a question or need assistance in regard to a Performance Solution, go to our contact us page and select the NCC clarification option in the enquiry category.

You can also follow our LinkedIn Performance Solutions Showcase page for ongoing updates on the network and the performance initiative.