Residential Energy Efficiency Workshop

Wednesday, 3 August 2016 Image of attendees sitting around a table


On 26 July, the ABCB held its inaugural technical workshop for the development of the residential energy efficiency provisions for the 2019 version of the NCC.

The workshop was hosted by the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council, and facilitated by ClimateWorks Australia, on behalf of the ABCB.

The workshop was held at the Melbourne office of Engineers Australia.  Workshop attendees included technical experts representing builders, engineers, designers, certifiers, energy assessors and product suppliers.

Workshop attendees grappled with how best to quantify the Performance Requirements, the appropriate suite of Verification Methods and how improvements could be made to the Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions.

According to Tony Isaacs, who represented the Building Designers Association of Victoria at the workshop, “The workshop demonstrated the depth of energy efficiency expertise that now exists within Australia’s building industry. I applaud the ABCB’s efforts to tap into that expertise.”

The ABCB was grateful for the many suggestions provided during the workshop, which will now be used to inform the next phase of this important work.

This work was initiated under the National Energy Productivity Plan, which was agreed to by the COAG Energy Council in December 2015.

Read the Commercial Energy Efficiency Workshop Communiqué.