New Handbooks available!

Friday, 11 November 2016

ABCB Handbooks are a great source of information to help you understand the NCC.

Each handbook covers a broad range of NCC related topics. The new Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Upgrading Existing Buildings Handbooks are the latest additions to the series.

Indoor Air Quality

The Handbook helps users apply the NCC IAQ Verification Methods. Introduced in NCC 2016, the Verification Methods may be used when developing a Performance Solution to comply with the NCC.

Endorsed and co-branded by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) the content covers:
  • NCC, the Performance Based Code
  • Building Ventilation
  • Indoor Air Contaminant Control
  • NCC Ventilation Requirements
  • Applying the IAQ Verification Methods.

You can view and download the Indoor Air Quality Handbook from the Resource Library.

Upgrading Existing Buildings

A five step process for scoping work for the upgrade of existing buildings is outlined in this new Handbook. It is based on using a Performance Solution to satisfy the Performance Requirements.  Examples of how to apply this approach for fire safety, energy efficiency and people with disabilities are included. Each State and Territory also has a section outlining its relevant legislation to further assist you.

You can view and download the Upgrading Existing Buildings Handbook from the Resource Library.