Become a Conformity Assessment Body

WaterMark has been subject to a formal review for some time and consequently applications for accreditation as a WMCAB were not accepted by JAS-ANZ until the outcomes of the review were understood. On 31 July 2015, the Building Ministers' Forum agreed to implement a range of improvements to enhance the effectiveness of WaterMark, including the move to a single level scheme and adoption of a full cost recovery model. Consequently, JAS-ANZ is now in a position to accept application from prospective WMCABs. Successful applicants for accreditation as a WMCAB are advised they will be subject to the same transition arrangements as established for existing WMCABs. The improved scheme will include revisions to the scheme rules, references documents, agreements, procedures, fee regime and database.

Organisations seeking to become a WaterMark Conformity Assessment Body (WMCAB) should apply directly to Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).

Requirements for accreditation include:

  • An ability to have product certification accreditation from JAS-ANZ or an accreditation body that has a full mutual recognition agreement with JAS-ANZ;
  • Payment of the requisite application and licence fees; and
  • Entering into an Approved Certifier Agreement with the ABCB. 

We reply on WMCABs to help maintain the integrity and validity of WaterMark. WMCABs are responsible for certifying that plumbing and drainage products comply with the applicable approved specifications and for ensuring the correct application of the WaterMark trade mark on authorised products. All WMCABs must enter into an Approved Certifier Agreement with the ABCB.