Product Specifications

WaterMark Product Specifications are referenced in the Schedule of products. This enables the evaluation and certification of products under the Scheme, in accordance with the Manual for the WaterMark Certification Scheme.

WaterMark Technical Specifications (WMTS) are published by the ABCB. Other product specifications or standards which are referenced in the Schedule of Products, are developed and published by third parties. These product specifications include but are not limited to:

  • Australian (AS) or Australian/New Zealand (AS/NZS) standards
  • European Standards (EN)
  • International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Standards, and
  • International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Standards.

A WMTS or third party published specification may be developed where no approved specification can be used for evaluating a plumbing or drainage product. For more information about developing a WMTS or third party published product specification, refer to Appendix 4 of the Manual for the WaterMark Certification Scheme.

All current WMTS are listed below.


All new or amended product specifications must be released for public comment prior to acceptance for reference in the Schedule of Products. ABCB Consultation provides links to all documents currently open for comment.

Name WaterMark Technical Specification
WMTS-498:2014 Plastic Fittings - Overflow Relief Waste Outlet (ORWO) with Integral Cap-stopper
WMTS-504:2013 Sanitary Waste Flushing Dosing System (SWFDS) - Water Closet (WC) 3/2 L Capacity or Proven Equivalent with Included Sewer Dosing Unit (SDU)
WMTS-507:2014 Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Piping System with Stainless Steel Lining for Plumbing Water Service Applications
WMTS-508:2013 Plastic Piping Systems for Soil and Waste Discharge with Noise Reduction Characteristics
WMTS-509:2018 Polyproplene Access Chambers and Maintenance Shafts for Plumbing and Drainage
WMTS-511:2014 Epoxy barrier coating system for use in water supply applications
WMTS-463:2015 Pressure attenuator 
WMTS-006:2014 Reflux Valves - Sewerage
WMTS-516:2014 Water closet (WC) pan and flushing device with included macerating and lifting plant
WMTS-517:2016 Offset pan connectors
WMTS-518:2017 Rehabilitation of existing Non Pressure Pipelines by the use of Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP)
WMTS-519:2016  Plastic Bodied Flexible Coupling
WMTS-520:2016 Semi-Flexible Metallic Hose Assemblies
WMTS-014:2016 Jointing materials
WMTS-028:2018 Food waste disposal unit
WMTS-030:2016 Solenoid valves
WMTS-033:2016 Spraying apparatus/dispensing units with the option of chemical additions – Hose connected
WMTS-037.1:2016 Flow controllers – For controlling flows in cold or heated water systems
WMTS-040:2021 Waste pipe connection outlets and gratings, separate or integral
WMTS-042:2016 Roll-grooved jointing systems
WMTS-046:2016 Diversion systems – Wash down and first flush
WMTS-047:2016 Self-sealing devices
WMTS-050:2018 Prefabricated modules
WMTS-051:2021 Toilet douche seats
WMTS-052:2016 Metallic-bodied inlet pressure control valves greater than DN 50
WMTS-055:2016 Plastic fittings – Connectors with flexible intermediate joints for drainage and sewerage applications
WMTS-101:2021 Appliances (low hazard rating)
WMTS-103:2016 Water treatment systems (other than those specified in AS/NZS 3497)
WMTS-104:2018 Appliances (miscellaneous)
WMTS-105:2016 Appliances (Beverage dispensers and icemakers)
WMTS-420:2016 Trap-priming valves
WMTS-425:2016 Water closet suite with integral odour control device
WMTS-453:2016 Heated water systems – Thermostatic circulation valve
WMTS-459:2018 Waterless urinals
WMTS-460:2016 Grey water diversion device (GWDD)
WMTS-464:2016 Hot water manual or sensor-activated pumping systems
WMTS-466:2016 Rainwater tank connection devices
WMTS-467:2016 Rainwater tank connection valve
WMTS-468:2019 Hot water systems – Recirculation valves
WMTS-469:2018 Waterless or limited flush urinals – With an integral sealing device
WMTS-472:2016 Heated water system recirculation device
WMTS-473:2016 Stainless steel/nano-antibiotic PP-R pipe systems for water supply applications
WMTS-475:2016 Heated Water Systems – Cold water recovery device
WMTS-476:2016 Heated Water Systems – Leak protection device
WMTS-477:2016 Rainwater/mains supply changeover devices
WMTS-479:2020 Flood stop safety valve
WMTS-481:2016 Thermal switching valves
WMTS-482:2016 Soil waste dump fitting
WMTS-483:2017 Odour control filter
WMTS-485:2018 Pressure compensating tank
WMTS-486:2016 Fire sprinkler heads for domestic applications
WMTS-489:2016 Stainless steel flexible assemblies for plumbing applications
WMTS-491:2016 Aluminium alloy piping system with plastics lining for plumbing water services applications
WMTS-499:2016 Inline sewer dosing unit (SDU)
WMTS-501:2016 Anti-infiltration overflow-relief device
WMTS-012:2018 In-line valves for use in plumbing water supply systems – Miscellaneous types metallic and non-metallic
WMTS-026:2016 Cold water storage tanks
WMTS-522:2021 Fixture and floor wastes: Supplementary protection devices
WMTS-524:2018 Bathroom appliances
WMTS-525:2018 Appliances (Therapeutic baths)
WMTS-526:2018 Flushing sinks
WMTS-106:2019 Small bore pumping units

Automatic hand washing stations

WMTS-530:2020 Water Meters with integral shut off valve
WMTS-528:2021 Plate heat exchangers- Indirect heating/cooling of water in a plumbing system