Pipe sizing verification method (draft) - Worked examples

This report presents worked examples of a draft Verification Method developed by the ABCB for the sizing of cold and heated water supply pipework. The draft Verification Method is not part of NCC 2019 nor endorsed by the ABCB for the design of pipework systems.

The report forms part of the ABCB’s project to increase the competent use of performance. Specifically, the report and the draft Verification Method are examples of work supporting the quantification of the NCC Performance Requirements.

The method used in the worked examples is being updated to be more conservative. Compared to the worked examples in the report, the updated methodology results in larger sizing of pipes serving few fixtures and similar sizing of pipes serving many fixtures. Pipework sizes are expected to be smaller in many cases compared to Deemed-to-Satisfy designs.

Any changes proposed to be included in NCC 2022 will be available in the Public Comment Draft of NCC 2022 in early 2021.

The views expressed in this report are those of the authors only and should not be construed in any way as having been endorsed, or as representing the views of the ABCB.

Further information on the updated methodology is in the document, Performance metrics for cold water pipe sizing.

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