NCC: A performance based code

This YouTube clip provides an overview of the NCC as a performance based code, as well as outlining the different pathways of achieving compliance with the mandatory Performance Requirements.



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The National Construction Code, also known as the NCC, is the minimum standard of safety, health, amenity and sustainability for buildings across Australia.

The NCC is a performance based code which includes performance requirements.

These mandatory performance requirements are supported by the general requirements in the NCC.

The mandatory requirements set the minimum level that buildings, building elements and plumbing systems must achieve.

For example, a performance requirement could be: a building must be protected from the spread of fire and smoke to allow sufficient time for the orderly evacuation of the building in an emergency.

Or, a performance requirement could be: installations intended to supply cold water for human consumption, food preparation, food utensil washing or personal hygiene must be connected to a drinking water supply.

These would be part of the performance requirements you would need to comply with to meet the NCC and obtain your building approval.

There are two options to satisfy the performance requirements a DeemedtoSatisfy solution or, a performance solution.

The DeemedtoSatisfy solution follows a set recipe of what, when and how to do something.

A DeemedtoSatisfy solution uses the DeemedtoSatisfy Provisions from the NCC.

A performance solution is unique for each individual situation.

These solutions are often flexible in achieving the outcomes and encouraging innovative design and technology use.

A performance solution directly addresses the performance requirements.

A DeemedtoSatisfy solution or a performance solution can be used to satisfy the performance requirements.

When designing buildings the choice is yours!

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performance requirements.

When designing buildings the choice is yours!

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