Business Plan

The 2019-20 ABCB Business Plan is currently under consideration by Building Ministers.

The ABCB is required by the Inter-Government Agreement (IGA) to develop a Business Plan annually to ensure that its operations are transparent and accountable.

The ABCB Business Plan reflects our commitment to implementing the regulatory reform agenda agreed by Governments. Continuing the emphasis on life safety, the ABCB is also working towards achieving further productivity gains and a safer built environment through the increased and competent use of performance.

The work program is contained within the current ABCB Business Plan 2018-19 and further information about these projects available in Initiatives.

2018-19 Business Plan

The 2018-19 Business Plan details the ABCB work program for the year. Read More

Inter-Governmental Agreement

The ABCB operates under an Inter-Governmental Agreement between the nine Governments. Read More