Report Cost of installing typical Accessible Adult change facility DCWC

This report estimates the potential construction costs for an accessible adult change facility in an existing modified BCA facility or a separated facility as specified below:

Accessible Housing- Estimated cost impact of proposed changes to NCC

This updated report presents an order of cost estimate for the proposed changes to the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) to include mandatory minimum accessible housing provisions for n

Model regulatory powers for building compliance and enforcement

The Model Regulatory Powers were developed in response to recommendation 6 of the Building Confidence Report (BCR).

Model National Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors

The National Model Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors sets out minimum obligations for registered building surveyors undertaking statutory functions. It covers four areas:

Options Paper Accessible Housing 2018

The Accessible Housing Options Paper ('Options Paper') has been developed by the ABCB to provide a preliminary menu of options and costings on the possible inclusion of a minimum accessib

Report RLB cost implications sprinkler protection

This report provides commentary on the cost implications of the proposed Deemed-to-Satisfy provision for the requirement of covered balconies to be sprinkler protected.

Guidelines International Fire Engineering 2005

The International Fire Engineering Guidelines (IFEG) was developed and made available for use in Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

Fire risk summary

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 4) This Fire-risk: Summary Report, provides a summary of the development and use of the individual models that make up the Fire-risk model (formerly known as CESARE

Fire performance floors floor coverings

Fire Code Reform Project (Project 2) This report, Fire Performance of Floors and Floor Coverings, was undertaken to provide quasi-performance based recommendations to characterise the fire hazard f

Analysis usa retail fires

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 6) This Technical Report, Analysis of USA Retail Fires, is a detailed analysis of statistics relating to retail fires.

Response occupants close fire

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 4) This Technical Report, Response of Occupants close to Fire, involved the development of a Fundamental Model, incorporating engineering, risk-assessment methodolo

Fatigue damage metal battens simulated wind loads

This paper investigates the fatigue performance of the battens using analysis methods applied in studying cladding fatigue.

Consultation report Accessible Housing Options paper

Consultation Report This report documents, in summary form, stakeholder feedback on the Accessible Housing Options Paper.

Report Cost implications of proposals to amend DTS Provisions

This report provides commentary on the cost implications of a range of proposed Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions emanating from the Emergency Egress for all Occupants Project.

Report Warm water

This report contains a range of information drawn from existing material on warm water systems, including regulatory requirements, State and Territory based advisory information and NCC provisions

Distortional buckling behaviour cold formed steel compression members elevated temperatures

This report investigates the distortional buckling behaviour of light gauge cold-formed steel compression members under simulated fire conditions.

Restructure of BCA 90 Fire provisions Volume One

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 1) This Final Report on the Restructure of BCA-90 Fire Provisions, Volume One was undertaken to restructure the present fire-safety provisions of the BCA into a tab

BCA Fire safety requirements shopping centres

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 6) This Technical Report, BCA Fire Safety Requirements for Shopping Centres, involved investigation into factors affecting fire-safety in low-rise, sprinklered shop

Determination interface height measured parameter profile

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 4) This Technical Report, Determination of Interface Height From Measured Parameter Profile in Enclosure Fire Experiment, involved the development of a Fundamental

Fire engineering guidelines

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 5) The First Edition, Fire Engineering Guidelines, describes an appropriate engineering methodology for the design and assessment of fire safety buildings by compen