Non-conforming building products (NCBPs) and materials are those that:

  • claim to be something they are not;
  • do not meet required standards for their intended use; or
  • are marketed or supplied with the intent to deceive those who use them.

This is different to non-compliant products (NCPs) and materials which are products or materials used in situations where they do not comply with the requirements of the National Construction Code.

What is an example of NCBPs and NCPs?


A building product that is labelled or described as being non-combustible but which is actually combustible is a non-conforming building product.


A building product that is combustible, and described as such, but is used in a situation where a non-combustible product is required under the NCC, is not fit for purpose and is a non-complying product.

Further information

A Guide to Australian building product conformity has been developed to assist practitioners and business to ensure products and material procured and used in buildings and consultation are ‘fit for purpose’, and conform and comply with Australian building laws and standards and any other local requirements.