Our Business Plan and Strategic Plan provide information about our current work activities, future direction and strategic priorities.

Business Plan

On 9 June 2023, Building Ministers approved the ABCB Business Plan for 2023-24. Ministers agreed we should pursue key initiatives including the adequacy and equity of female sanitary facilities, commercial energy efficiency and improved provisions for electric vehicle (EV) charging, along with other time-critical matters. These matters include clarifying NCC requirements for intensive horticulture buildings, reviewing car park fire safety and examining the fire safety, condensation and weatherproofing requirements for modern building construction.

See a summary of the ABCB Business Plan for 2023-24.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan 2022–2027 includes information about the strategic and regulatory context, along with the ABCB’s strategic objectives and performance outcomes.

At the core of the Strategic Plan is our vision that our communities live in and experience buildings that meet minimum necessary standards for safety and health, amenity and accessibility, and sustainability through a safe and nationally consistent building environment. This is upheld by an effective and contemporary National Construction Code, ensured through education and industry engagement, and backed by a national approach.

Our initiatives

Further detailed information about our work is available on our Initiatives page.