In 2019, state and territory Building Ministers tasked the ABCB with developing national responses to 22 recommendations in the Building Confidence Report (BCR), and developing a definition of building complexity.

The Building Confidence National Framework (the Framework), agreed by Building Ministers, provided the roadmap for this work. For most recommendations the agreed output was model guidance.

The process undertaken and material delivered in response to the BCR are detailed in this news article and the BCR Implementation Report.


Responses under the Framework were developed through extensive consultation, and with the assistance of governments and industry. Information on public consultations can be accessed on the ABCB’s Consultation Hub.

Building Ministers have agreed that the outputs satisfy the deliverable of the Framework.

The definition of building complexity will be finalised through the process for NCC 2022.

Next steps

Consideration and implementation of the model guidance remains the responsibility of the state and territory governments.

A report commissioned by the ABCB concluded that consistent adoption of the model guidance has the potential to reduce building defects saving consumers approximately $1.4 billion annually and offer industry time savings worth approximately $375 million annually.

To learn about progress of the implementation of the Framework outputs, please contact the building authority in your state or territory.

Further information

The BCR Implementation Report December 2021 provides additional information on the process and the outputs, and describes further work to be undertaken to implement the model guidance. This includes work on:

  • data collection and sharing processes
  • building product safety
  • general support to state and territory governments during implementation.


If you have a question about the process used to develop the Framework outputs, you can submit a general enquiry.