Livable housing is housing that includes features that enable use by people with a disability or transitioning through their life stages.

At the direction of Ministers, the ABCB has undertaken a rigorous consultation process with experts and stakeholders to develop minimum accessibility requirements for Class 1a buildings (houses) and Class 2 sole-occupancy units (apartments) in the NCC. The objective of this task has been to ensure that housing is designed to meet the needs of the community, including older Australians and those with disability.

NCC 2022 will include new requirements, in the form of changes to the technical provisions in NCC Volumes One and Two, and a new referenced technical standard, the ABCB Standard for Livable Housing Design. These documents will be made publicly available as part of the NCC 2022 package. These provisions are based on the Livable Housing Design Guidelines silver standards.

Each state and territory can determine whether and how the new provisions will be applied in their jurisdiction, so please contact your state or territory building jurisdiction for clarification.


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