The Building Confidence Report made 24 recommendations to address systemic issues in the Australian building industry. Navigate the below categories to access nationally agreed model guidance and other materials created in response to 22 of those recommendations.

Adoption and implementation of responses to the BCR recommendations is the responsibility of the state and territory governments.

Nationally consistent initial and on-going registration of building practitioners incorporating training, education and experience, to strengthen implementation of the NCC.
National Registration Framework (Recs 1 and 2) Evidence of experience for building surveyor registration (Rec 4) Continuing Professional Development on the NCC and ethics (Rec 3) NCC CPD (Rec 3)
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Improve regulator collaboration, ensure regulators have powers to enforce compliance with building laws, and provide transparency for industry.
Building regulator collaboration (Rec 5) Building regulator powers (Rec 6) Auditing and compliance (Rec 7)
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Set standards of behaviour for building surveyors performing statutory functions to improve accountability and transparency, and to manage expectations of building practitioners and consumers.
Building surveyor integrity and their role in enforcement (Recs 9 and 11) Code of conduct for building surveyors (Rec 10)
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Reduce non-compliance with a robust and transparent system of inspection and certification throughout the building approval process.
Design acceptance (Recs 13 to 16) Independent third-party review (Rec 17) Mandatory inspections (Rec 18) Building product safety (Rec 21)
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Better integrate fire safety into design, construction and certification processes to lift compliance outcomes.
Code of conduct for fire safety engineers (Rec 8) Fire authorities in the building approval process (Rec 8) Fire safety systems (Rec 19)
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Enable better access to building data for regulators and building owners, and improve understanding of building and plumbing terminology.
Building manuals (Rec 20) Building Confidence Glossary (Rec 22) Standards Australia’s Construction Dictionary (Rec 22)
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State and territory implementation
Governments have agreed to consider implementation of model guidance. Contact the building authority in your jurisdiction for information on progress.