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With the improvements made to the ABCB’s WaterMark Product Database, it’s now easier to check if your plumbing and drainage materials and products are WaterMark certified.

Following the launch of the improved single level WaterMark Scheme on 1 July 2016, the ABCB is continuing to develop key documents and improvements - the latest being the WaterMark Product Database.

Main changes

With a new look and responsive design, the main changes to the database are the improved design and search functionality.


Screenshot of the search function in the WaterMark Database

Key features

The key features include:

  • a synonym pop-up library when entering text into search fields,
  • additional information such as WELS ratings and a product’s scope of use, and
  • the capacity to produce a Licence Summary.

Improved Search Function

Searching for certificates and/or products is now easier. Users have the ability to use a free text search bar, or narrow down results using a drop down filter. Filters enable refined searching by Product Category, Product Specification, or Brand Name. The synonym pop-up library feature compliments filtering to allow for predictive and exploratory searching. It also enables multiple selections.


Screenshot of search image for WaterMark database

Once a search has been refined, results are shown containing relevant certification and product information, such as:
WaterMark licence number;

  • Licensee name;
  • Product specification;
  • Product type;
  • Brand name;
  • Model name; or
  • Model identification.

Screenshot of the Search box in the WaterMark Database

Improved Product detail

Upon selecting a certificate and/or product, users are directed to the product detail information. This page provides essential information about a current WaterMark material or product. It is here that users will learn more about the installation compliance with the PCA, WaterMark scope of use, the certification body and certification specifications.


Screenshot of searching for a product

Print Functionality

Dissimilar to the previous database, users can now print and export search results. This feature allows for a licence summary to be printed, which combines relevant certificate and product information.

Further information

The improved database represents the culmination of a significant body of work. We appreciate the substantive contribution Scheme stakeholders have made to its design functionality.

Go to the WaterMark section of the website to access the database, or for more information on the WaterMark Certification Scheme. You can also watch our YouTube clip on how to use the product database.

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