Building Confidence Report Implementation Team

On 18 July 2019 the Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF) agreed to the establishment of an Implementation Team. The Implementation Team is tasked with developing and reporting on a National Framework for the consistent implementation of the recommendations of the Building Confidence report (BCR), as well as the design, construction and certification of complex buildings.


On 30 June 2017, the BMF agreed to commission an independent expert examination of the broader compliance and enforcement problems in Australia’s building and construction systems affecting the implementation of the NCC.

The resulting BCR, prepared by Professor Peter Shergold AC and Ms Bronwyn Weir, made 24 recommendations to improve the effectiveness of compliance and enforcement systems in the building and construction industry across Australia. The BMF supported the Building Confidence report in-principle in April 2018. In August of that year, the BMF agreed to develop a plan for reform. An Implementation Plan was released in March 2019, setting out:

  • national priority reforms
  • a summary of reforms underway in each jurisdiction
  • planned reforms and proposed timeframes for each jurisdiction
  • industry involvement in the process.

Recommendations of the Implementation Team are considered by the BMF, while adoption of the National Framework and ultimate implementation of the BCR remains the responsibility of the state and territory governments.

For further information on the BMF’s decision process and meeting outcomes, please visit the BMF webpage.

The work of the Implementation Team

The Implementation Team has been established under the ABCB and is engaging with industry throughout its work, pursuant to the BMF’s decision of 18 July 2019.

A comprehensive update on the Implementation Team’s progress on the National Framework will be provided on this page in early 2020.


To ensure effective engagement with industry and to inform the progress of the Implementation Team’s work, two consultative groups have been created – an Experts Panel, and an Industry Leaders Consultative Group (ILCG).

While each group has a particular focus, their broad purpose is to provide advice and guidance to the Implementation Team with the engagement of the Experts Panel being more focused on delivering specific responses to each of the recommendations. Both groups include a broad cross-section of Industry representatives who bring to the discussion technical expertise and experience in a range of relevant fields.

The BMF was last consulted on the work of the Implementation Team on 13 December 2020. As reported in the Communique the BMF noted the significant progress made by the ABCB since the establishment of the Implementation Team to deliver a national approach to implementing the recommendations in the BCR.

Should you wish to contact the Implementation Team you can email them at: