Improved NCC useability

The improved NCC useability project critically builds on the successful implementation of free online access to the code. The project is expected to result in a more user friendly online NCC that is better understood by a broader base of practitioners.

The overall strategy to improve useability of the NCC has four main components (readability, digitisation, education and product development) and there are cross-over implications for each project element.


The availability of free online access has resulted in a larger and broader cross section of practitioners and other users accessing the NCC. While the current format may be appropriate for the traditional practitioner base, a revised and more ‘user friendly’ NCC, accessible to a broader audience, is needed in the future.

Under The Next Instalment of Building Regulatory Reform, an initiative to improve NCC readability was identified as one of the more significant undertakings by the ABCB and is central to being able to improve practitioner understanding and therefore competency of the code. It involves the re-packaging of the NCC to simplify its use and therefore make it more accessible to the wider audience that are exposed to the NCC as a result of making it available free online.

The initiative relates to NCC language and to a lesser extent, the NCC format. Major improvements were implemented in NCC 2019 for Volume Three, and the NCC Governing Requirements and Schedules. The focus for NCC 2022 involve similar improvements to Volume Two.


understanding of the NCC through a range of new and refreshed technologies, many of which were released to support NCC 2019. The next phase of this initiative will centre on the restructuring of the NCC’s information architecture to provide a consistent volume structure. This allows greater ease of integration of NCC content with third party vendors, including BIM software. The new structure will enable multiple formats of the NCC to be produced easily, with PDF, HTML and eBook versions being able to be generated on-demand. Importantly, the digitisation process will allow the ABCB to develop a personalisation layer. This will let users refine the NCC based on criteria specific to their industry, area of expertise and ultimately the current project they’re working on.

Product development

The ABCB will continue to identify and develop a new range of supporting products and materials to assist in the understanding and awareness of the NCC. This will include:

  • Practitioner materials for download and online viewing;
  • education materials for practitioners, students, educators and trainers; and
  • information videos, webcasts and presentations.

These products and materials are designed for all levels of knowledge and experience within the building, construction and plumbing industries.

The ABCB welcomes feedback on existing products and materials and along with suggestions from stakeholders on new opportunities to increase useability and understanding of the NCC.

The Next Instalment of Building Regulation Reform

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