Missed the 2019 NCC Seminars? You can now watch the webcast...

Tuesday, 14 May 2019 Image of man presenting at seminars

The content from the 2019 NCC Seminar is now available for viewing and includes an additional webcast on the NCC 2019 changes for the PCA.

The complete series of webcasts comprises of five videos, and includes an update on the BCA, Standards Australia and an additional video on the PCA.

Building Code of Australia update

The webcasts below were delivered throughout February and March 2019. The videos are delivered in three parts and include information on changes for NCC 2019.

In addition to the BCA update, information was delivered from Standards Australia. This included:

It is recommended that these four videos are watched in conjunction.

Plumbing Code of Australia update

Although an update of the PCA didn’t form part of the Seminar this video provides a presentation on the changes for NCC 2019. It includes information on structure and readability, new Verification Methods, revised AS/NZS 3500 series, and more.

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