Advice: ACT adoption of NCC 2019 deferred to 1 June 2019. Exclusions apply.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

The ABCB has today received advice from the ACT Government that the adoption of the 2019 edition of the NCC will be deferred in the ACT to 1 June 2019 (with exclusions).

Please disregard any previous advice from the ABCB relating to the adoption of NCC 2019 in the ACT.

This means that NCC 2016 (including Volume One Amendment 1) remains in effect in the ACT until this date. The versions (listed below) remain applicable in the ACT until 1 June 2019.

  • NCC 2016 Volume One Amendment 1
  • NCC 2016 Volume Two
  • NCC 2016 Volume Three

You can access these versions through NCC online.


A delayed adoption to 1 September in the ACT applies to the following provisions:

Volume One

  • Part F6 Condensation Management
  • New amendments to Table E1.5, which require sprinkler protection for buildings with a rise in storeys of 4 or more and an effective height of not more than 25m, and associated provisions in Clauses 2(b) and (c) of Specification E1.5, and Specification E1.5a.

Volume Two

  • Part 3.8.7 Condensation Management

The transition period for the energy efficiency provisions will apply from 1 June, meaning that either the NCC 2016 or NCC 2019 provisions can be used up until the 30 April 2020, after which only the NCC 2019 provisions can be used.

The delayed adoption of the Fire Safety Verification Method will continue up to the 1 May 2020.

More information

For clarification or further information, please contact the ACT Building and Plumbing Administration.