Outcomes report for the Energy efficiency: NCC 2022 and beyond scoping study is now available

Wednesday, 11 December 2019 Aerial view of a typical suburb in Australia

Key findings from the scoping study have been summarised into an outcomes report.

Between July and September 2019, the ABCB released for public comment the Energy efficiency: NCC 2022 and beyond scoping study. The scoping study outlined a proposed approach and scope of future changes, with a particular focus on the 2022 edition of the NCC.

The scoping study was prepared in consideration of the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council’s Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings (the Trajectory) and subsequent decision of the Building Ministers’ Forum in support of progressing work for improved energy efficiency standards in the NCC. The Trajectory’s overarching policy objectives include: reducing energy bills; improving the reliability of energy networks; reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and providing industry with certainty about future regulatory changes.

A total of 135 submissions were received from a range of individuals and groups. These submissions provided the ABCB with valuable quantitative and qualitative information that has been summarised and released as an outcomes report. The report identifies considerations that will shape the next stages of the project.

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For more information please refer to our energy efficiency initiative.