Energy efficiency transition period ends today!

Thursday, 30 April 2020 Energy saving office building with green garden.

NCC 2019 energy efficiency requirements are no longer voluntary.

In 2019, the ABCB agreed to significant changes to the energy efficiency requirements in the NCC, including a 12 month transition period during which either these or the 2016 provisions could be applied. The changes affect all buildings, but are particularly significant for commercial buildings.

Noting that individual states and territories may apply the provisions differently and in some cases delay their introduction, from 1 May 2020, practitioners will be required to use only the NCC 2019 provisions. The new requirements, particularly for commercial buildings, mark a shift in how energy efficiency is considered as part of the process of design and construction.

It is imperative that these new energy efficiency requirements are well understood by all of those involved in designing and constructing new and refurbished buildings to ensure that buildings perform better and use less energy.

Please note: As the application of the new energy efficiency provisions may be treated differently by the States and Territories, if you are unsure, please contact your Building Administration to confirm how they apply your jurisdiction.

Resources to support you

To assist in understanding the new and updated energy efficiency provisions, the ABCB has released a number of supporting resources:

You can access more resources or find out what is expected to be released soon from the energy efficiency initiative.

Need help or assistance?

If you need help or assistance with understanding or implementing the NCC 2019 provisions, we recommend you can contact your member association.

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