Your NCC Essentials are available now!

Wednesday, 17 June 2020 A concept of tradesman building their skills through successful completion of proper education.

Access free NCC Essentials educational presentations on NCC topics.

NCC Essentials is an educational resource managed by the ABCB that provides a range of introductory presentations on NCC topics for educators and students in the building and construction industry. These presentations aim to introduce practitioners and students to the NCC and how to practically apply it.

If this sounds familiar, you’re right! NCC Essentials is a rebranding of the current NCC Tutor educational product. We’ve changed the name as we believe it reflects the nature of the information provided – and we have big plans for the future of our NCC Tutor brand. Unlike NCC Tutor however, there are no licencing requirements for accessing NCC Essentials.

NCC Essentials are delivered in a PowerPoint presentation format, consisting of assessment questions and lecture notes. You can access the following topics:

The NCC Essentials resources are available from the Resources Library.