Consultation open: Mandatory Inspections

Tuesday, 8 December 2020 Construction Skyline

A discussion paper for mandatory on-site inspections for building work is now open for public consultation.

Recommendation 18 of the Building Confidence Report (BCR) proposes that ‘each jurisdiction has mandatory on-site inspections of building work at identified notification stages’.

In response to this recommendation, the BCR Implementation Team has prepared a discussion paper, proposing a draft model that prescribes a nationally consistent approach for minimum mandatory inspections proportionate to building complexity (risk) as a means of improving building outcomes through greater regulatory compliance. A new definition of building complexity has been used in this paper, which was developed following an extensive consultation process and supported by Building Ministers for inclusion in the NCC 2022 Public Comment Draft. The risk-based approach would also determine additional inspections stages such as those relating to specific Performance Solutions, waterproofing and light weight fire-rated construction.

The discussion paper covers a process for conducting minimum mandatory inspections; scope of minimum mandatory inspections including notification stages (timing), frequency and extent (percentage) of inspections; roles and responsibilities of the statutory building surveyor and the designer in the process; and documentation for inspections. It is anticipated that the model for mandatory inspections will help to address defects earlier in the construction process and would result in enhanced public confidence in the building industry.

Providing comment

Responses to questions on the discussion paper, outlined in the consultation form, are invited until 11:59PM AEDT Sunday 28 February 2021. Only comments submitted using the online form will be considered.

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