In accordance with Clause 5(c) of the Australian competition Consumer Commission (ACCC) approved Trade Mark Rules, available at Appendix 1 of the Manual for the WaterMark Certification Scheme, from time to time the ABCB will issue Notices for maintaining the integrity, validity and ownership of the WaterMark trade mark.

Notices of Direction

The Notices of Direction forms an extension of the ACCC approved Trade Mark Rules. Relevant stakeholders must comply with the current Notice of Directions, as detailed below:

Number Notice of Direction
2013/5.0  Maintenance of Approved User List 
2013/10.1  Spraying Apparatus/ Dispensing Units with the Option of Chemical Additions - Hose Connected 
2016/1.1 Flushing Cisterns with Optional Top or Bottom Cistern Inlet Valve Connections
2015/16.1 Rationalisation of standards/ technical specifications listed on the WaterMark Product Database
2016/3.1 Amended fees and charges
2016/4.0 Prefabricated plumbing modules
2017/3.1 Improved WaterMark Certification Scheme Transition Arrangements
2017/4.3 Use of two standards or specifications on one WaterMark licence
2017/5.0 Transition timeframe for certification of products formerly excluded from the WaterMark Certification Scheme
2018/1.0 Evaluation of tank types not listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Products