NCC Volume Two, Energy Efficiency

NCC Essentials

NCC Essentials is an educational resource on NCC related topics suitable for educators, practitioners and students in the building and construction industry. These presentations aim to introduce you to the NCC and how to practically apply it.

NCC Essentials is provided in a PowerPoint format with notes, worked examples and a set of multiple choice questions with answers. For educators, the content provides the opportunity to include your institution’s branding and livery. Best of all, you can deliver it in a way that best suits your audience.

NCC Volume Two, Energy Efficiency provides the following content:

  • the structure of NCC Volume Two;
  • an overview of the energy efficiency Performance Requirements and Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions; and
  • an example of applying the Provisions.
An image of the first PowerPoint slide for NCC Essentials NCC Volume Two Energy

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