Using the Product Database

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This video clip assists users of the improved WaterMark Product Database. It explains how to navigate the database and gives information about checking the currency of certified products and the validity of licence numbers. It also assists in selecting a certified product for specification, purchase or installation.


The WaterMark Certification Scheme or WaterMark, is a mandatory certification scheme for plumbing materials and products and drainage materials and products, this ensures products are fit for their intended purpose and appropriately authorized for use in plumbing and drainage installations.

The ABCB manages and administers WaterMark as a national scheme. So how does it work? When a plumbing or drainage product is certified, it is issued with a WaterMark license number, also known as a WaterMark Certificate of Conformity number, the product or its packaging is marked with this license number and the WaterMark, the certified product is then listed on the WaterMark Product Database which is located on the ABCB website.

So why is the WaterMark Product Database important? Firstly it lists the products and materials that are currently certified, secondly it allows you to check the validity of the license number found on a product or its packaging, lastly it can be used to help you to choose a certified product for specification, purchase or installation.

Sounds useful doesn't it? So how do you use it?

Let's start by locating the WaterMark Product Database it's found on the ABCB website at, by first clicking on the tab that says Product Certification, then select WaterMark, once on the WaterMark landing page scroll down and click on the database image, this takes you to the database search page. How you use the database depends on what you would like to do.

You can search by either certificates or products. Search certificate information by entering the license number, the licensee name, or the specification or standard against which the product has been evaluated. There are also filters to allow refined searching by product category, product specification or brand name. The search results are then shown as a list of licenses by clicking on the relevant search result the detailed license information is then revealed, the detailed license information includes: the license number, certification expiry dates, details about the certification body, and a list of products associated with the licence.

By selecting the view license summary button, you can also view and/or print a license summary including license information and a product schedule. A product information search, lets you search by Product type, Brand name, Model name or Model ID. The filters allow refined searching by Product Category, Product Specification or Licensee. The search results then pop up as a list of brands, models, suppliers and licenses.

Click on the relevant search result for detailed product information including product description, license number and certification expiry date. Also just so you know, product types and product categories in the database are those is defined in the WaterMark Schedule of Products which is available on the ABCB website.

Also when you can't find a product on the database it probably has not been WaterMark certified, this means it may not be authorized for use in a plumbing or drainage installation, you should check this with your local Plumbing Practitioner or Approving Authority.

For further information about WaterMark or to find out how to have a product certified, visit the ABCB website.

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