A RIS is developed in two stages, the first for public consultation and the final stage incorporating stakeholder feedback. In accordance with Best Practice Regulation Principles, a RIS will conclude in favour of the option that generates the highest net benefit to society.

Consultation RIS

A Consultation RIS is prepared in accordance with COAG best practice regulation requirements for the purpose of consulting with interested parties. It incorporates all formal elements of a RIS, including a full cost benefit analysis. Interested parties are invited to comment on any aspect of the Consultation RIS. For example, interested parties could provide comment on whether the description of the problem captures the essence of the issues or to suggest other options that are viable that can address the problem. Interested parties are encouraged to comment on the impacts of the options – both the costs and the benefits – and how the regulatory proposal will work in practice. Comments on the Consultation RIS will assist in preparation of a Final RIS for decision-makers.

Each Consultation RIS is assessed by the Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) and assessed for compliance with the COAG requirements for best practice regulation.

The content of a Consultation RIS does not reflect a final decision of the Board in relation to the matter that is the subject of the RIS.

Final RIS

The ABCB Office will review all comments received on the Consultation RIS and incorporate stakeholder information and data into the regulatory analysis, as appropriate. The RIS will be forwarded to the Board as an input into its decision-making and will ultimately be published as the Decision RIS.

Open for public comment

Consultation RIS' open for public comment are listed below.

Comments are requested on the questions contained within the relevant response sheet for each Consultation RIS and are invited until COB on the date indicated using the below submission process.


  1. Download the Consultation RIS and relevant support documents from the Resource Library.
  2. Download the relevant Consultation RIS response sheet from the Resource Library.
  3. Provide comments within the response sheet.
  4. Email you response sheet to abcbris@abcb.gov.au before the relevant closing date listed below. Please include the title of the RIS in the subject line of your email.

To view past Consultation RIS please visit the Resource Library.