The ABCB Office has been working with Standards Australia and industry representatives to establish improved linkages between the development and acceptance processes for product specifications to be listed for use in the WaterMark Scheme.

An infographic titled Specification Development for WaterMark and PCA Compliance has been developed to depict the relationships between the development of WaterMark Product Specifications (which specify product requirements) and PCA referenced documents (which specify installation requirements) to achieve compliance with the PCA.

The infographic has been created to assist stakeholders understand the development process and to explain the linkages and differences between the development, acceptance and use of either document.

WaterMark Product specifications (a generic term) include documents such as, WaterMark Technical Specifications (WMTS), which can only be published by the ABCB; Australian Standards and Technical Specifications (AS, AS/NZS, TS) published by Standards Australia; international standards (e.g. ISO, IEC, EN) or any other third party published document that will meet the WaterMark Product Specification Protocol. These standards or specifications:

  • are NOT subject to the three year NCC amendment cycle - so can be approved for listing in the scheme at any time; and
  • are for the evaluation of products to enable their authorisation (through certification) as being suitable for use in a plumbing installation.

The infographic also illustrates how WaterMark certifies product compliance with the product standard, whilst the PCA and its referenced documents (e.g. the AS 3500 suite) contain the requirements for how products and materials are to be installed for the PCA compliance. Compliance with both permits a Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) Solution, but if relevant product installation requirements are not in the PCA, a Performance Solution is required.

PCA referenced documents include Australian Standards (AS, AS/NZS) published by Standards Australia; international standards (e.g. ISO, IEC, EN) or any other third party published document that meets the NCC Referenced Document Protocol. These standards:

  • ARE subject to the three year NCC amendment cycle; and
  • are for stipulating requirements for plumbing and drainage installations, including the use of authorised products and materials.

Some product and installation requirements are, or can become, out of sync; especially when one is amended in advance of the other. Stakeholders are encouraged to check the installation status of products and attend to both product and installation requirements where they seek DTS compliance with the PCA.

The model illustrated has evolved from long standing arrangements the ABCB has with Standards Australia regarding the development and acceptance of NCC referenced documents - which are presently being strengthened - comprising proposal, development and acceptance stages, and which also lend themselves to the development and acceptance of WaterMark product specifications.

Please refer to the infographic when considering the development of a WaterMark Product Specification or PCA referenced document.