The NCC will be amended out-of-cycle.

This results from the Building Ministers’ direction to expedite completing and adopting those actions from the comprehensive package of measures involving any changes to the NCC. The amendment will be known as NCC 2016, Volume One Amendment 1.

The amendment primarily clarifies existing provisions of the NCC, including evidence of suitability. The current requirements of the Code relating to preventing the spread of fire within and between buildings through the use of non-combustible wall claddings, which have been the subject of review by the ABCB’s technical Building Codes Committee, will not change.

The amendment also features referencing of AS 5113 Fire propagation testing and classification of external walls of buildings as a new Verification Method and referencing of the revised sprinkler standard AS 2118 Automatic fire sprinkler systems. Revising the National Advisory Note to reflect any related updates and publishing a new supporting handbook is also underway and will accompany the amendment release.

The amendment involves releasing a public comment draft in late August/September 2017 with adoption anticipated in March 2018.

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