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ABCB’s new YouTube channel!

We've launched our very own YouTube channel, featuring videos such as: Plumbing & Drainage, WaterMark, NCC 2019 and more. Our new channel has been designed to assist you with key areas of the NCC, with the first round of uploads covering the following topics:

  • What is the PCA? – This video covers why we have a national Plumbing Code, how the PCA works, what the PCA contains and how to access the PCA.
  • What is in the PCA? – This video sets out the contents of the PCA and the changes from the 2019 update.
  • What is WaterMark? – In this video we provide an introduction to the WaterMark Certification Scheme.
  • What requires WaterMark? – This video sets out to explain how to identify what plumbing products require WaterMark certification.

Over the coming months we'll be migrating videos from our previous channel to allow easy access. Ensure that you ‘subscribe’ to our channel to be notified of future releases.


We've also recently released the following non-mandatory handbooks:

  • Condensation in buildings - provides an overall introduction to the concept of condensation, causes and effects, and potential management options, including the new NCC requirements in Volumes One and Two.
  • Energy Efficiency NCC Volume One - assists NCC users in understanding and applying the energy efficiency requirements in NCC 2019 Volume One (Section J).
  • Fire Safety Verification Method Data Sheets have also been released for preview. These support the Fire Safety Verification Method Handbook.


Energy Efficiency Volume One calculators – a suite of supporting calculators, as beta testing versions are now available. They assist users with understanding and applying the NCC Volume One DTS Provisions for the energy efficiency of facades, lighting, fan and pump systems. Read our latest Connect article to find out more.

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If you're interested in more NCC education and supporting resources, access our Resource library to download them today.